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Nigeria’s economy is going through turbulence like others – VP Shettima defends Tinubu

Vice President, Kashim Shettima has said Nigeria’s economy is going through turbulence, but it is not limited to the country alone.

He spoke at a one-day town hall meeting organised by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council, PEBEC, and held at the Banquet Hall of the State House, Abujain Abuja.

Shettima urged citizens to rally round President Bola Tinubu and be fair to him as there is no economy that is immune from global challenges.

The Vice President said: “This is a man we need to rally round and support. Yes, our economy is going through turbulence but is it confined to Nigeria alone? Let’s take a global picture.

“Is any economy immune from the challenges of the times? So, I ask you to be fair to this poor man. There is no doubt that every thriving economy grows from the quality of reforms adopted to offer the people avenues to translate their business ideas into formidable enterprises.”

He also condemned the “mischievous fixation” on Tinubu’s health status, adding that late US president Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Mwai Kibaki of Kenya fixed their countries’ economies despite their health challenges.

Shettima added; “I can tell you, with all sense of confidence that the president we have now is a man of ideas, who is robustly imbued with the capacity.

“We have never had it so good in terms of leadership. President Tinubu means well for the nation. And most importantly, he is inbued with the skills set to drive change and, in this country”.