Nigeria’s current economy not for womanising – Yhemo Lee

Nigerian club promoter, singer and actor, Idowu Adeyemi better known as Yhemo Lee has admitted that he is affected by the harsh economy.

He stated via social media that the condition of the nation’s economy is not favourable for people like him who love to womanise.

He then used it as a point of advise to men to desist from womanising at a time that Nigerians are lamenting about hunger and high cost of living.

Yhemo Lee wrote; “This isn’t the economy for womanizing at all”.

Yhemo lee womanising

Meanwhile, the entertainer recently shared valuable tip on how men can get any woman they want in today’s society.

He took to his Snapchat account and stated that women love money, so any man that makes money first, would have them easily.

Yhemo Lee said once a man is rich, every other quality in terms of appearance, personality and others, would come after.

He wrote; “Women love money!! Want a girl? Get money first; it’s easier, every other quality comes after.. if you like speak English from now till next week.”

In another news…

CorrectNG recalls that the famous musician, Yhemo Lee revealed that his parents’ seperation almost ruined him and his sister’s lives.

He said their dad and mum separated when they were still young, so he had to take up the responsibility of sponsoring himself and his sister through school.

Yhemo, who often brags about his nightlife expenses, made the revelation about his family in an explosive interview with Chude Jideonwo.

He said; “I saw myself and my sister through school. They separated at a point when they could have damaged our lives. My parents were well-to-do. I mean, I went to one of the best schools at that time. But they left us all of a sudden.”