Nigeria’s Burna Boy praised by UK Newspaper (SEE PHOTO)

Nigeria’s Burna Boy praised by UK Newspaper (SEE PHOTO)

Nigerian singer, dancer and songwriter, Burna Boy has been crowned the King of Afrobeats by United Kingdom’s The Guardian Newspaper. The ‘King of Afrobeats’ recently sold-out his show at the Wembley Arena broke records as he became the first Afrobeat artist to sell the venue.

The show which is off his “African Giant tour” was very massive and impressive one and had critics and fellow Nigerian artistes hail him.

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According to the article published by the newspaper, the show was a coronation for a Nigerian pop star bringing Africa to the world. It also explained that the African Giant is on a mission to remind Africans everywhere about their roots in the continent, and Afrobeats is his tool. The show got a five-star rating from the UK newspaper.