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Nigerians react to video of Governor Ikpeazu being sprayed money days after he suspended his Chief of Staff for spraying Odumeje money in the office (Watch)



A video is currently trending on social media capturing the moment Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state was dancing enthusiastically while people sprayed him money.

He was seen dancing to a highlife music which played in the background. Although it is unclear if where he the event happened is a house or an office but it has the setting of a sitting room.

The governor appeared to be lost in the groove as people believed to be members of his cabinet sprayed money on him while he gyrated.

This comes barely a week after Ikpeazu suspended his Chief of staff for spraying money on Prophet Odumeje in his office.

Nigerians who slammed the COS for unprofessional conduct, also called out the governor for dancing and ‘wasting the state’s money’ rather than focusing on making life better for his people.

Watch the video of Ikpeazu being sprayed money below:

Reacting, @Suleima07154753 said; These people have no conscience at all. They’ve idiotic mindset that don’t weigh z implication of their actions.

They do all these shenanigans bc they believed with conviction that they had succeeded in brain-washng their people such dat they would never understand d damage dey had been committing

@GbengaSoniran; Something is not just right with the South East governors and their people are too blind to see all these problems. The person they abuse w every day is Tinubu as if he was a formal governor in any of the state from their zone.

@Dan_Oibe; The chief of staff definitely copied from the boss

@zangality; See how they are wasting government money and their people will not call them out.

@legendsilver; What has he achieve to warrant this dance?

@fabulouskelechi; He still owing salaries since last year

@valx3m; I’m not sure he even even suspended anyone.

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