Nigerians no longer tolerate mediocre music – Peruzzi tells colleagues

Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, the music star popularly known as Peruzzi, says Nigerians are now intolerant of mediocre songs.

He stated this via his official Twitter account while pointing out that Nigerian music fanatics are now wiser in terms of the choice of music they consume.

Nigerians no longer tolerate mediocre music - Peruzzi tells colleagues

It is on that premise that Peruzzi urged his colleagues in the industry to upgrade their crafts and start releasing better songs or they would lose relevance. According to the artiste, Nigeria is entering a new era of quality music.

He wrote: “Nigerians don wise. If you sing rubbish, dem go clear you. Ordinary snippet, dem go don dey warn you. Clearly time for Some real sweet music. Do your homework or comot body era.

“It’s Weird To Let Facts Go Over Your Heads Sha. This One Wey Quarrel Full Everywhere. Abeg, Is It Okay To Drop Love Song Like This?”

In similar news…

CorrectNG reports that rapper turned singer, Ric Hassani recently decried the drop in the quality of music in Nigeria over the years.

The R&B maestro shared his opinion on the long-term effects that Afrobeats will have on the music industry during an interview with Ebuka on Rubbin’ Minds.

He complained that almost everybody wants to get into the genre now, and it has been making the quality of the music drop drastically over the years.

The ‘Gentleman’ crooner who recently had an , said current hit songs are no longer as good as they used to be in the past, where it was all about substance.

According to Hassani, artistes are just releasing whatever they like now and using money to push the music even though they are not very good.

He said; “Afrobeats is Nigerian music. Our guys are top 10 and I feel like because of that the quality of music might start dropping because more people want to get in. So the quality is really dropping.

“Back in the days, hit songs were serious music but now almost anybody is just coming in. Most of the hit songs in Nigeria now are not very good music. Back in the days it wasn’t like this. I feel like because we have been number one for so long, everybody is just dropping whatever they like and throwing money behind it.”