Nigerians locate POS operator who collects N50 charge for N5,000 (Video)

A POS attendant who refuse to join his colleagues exploiting residents has earned praises for sticking to the old charges for transactions.

Nigerians were amazed to discover that there is still someone who operates a POS business that charges N50 for N5,000 transaction.

Many residents trooped to his shop to withdraw money from their accounts when they got information about his location.

A video making the rounds online, shows a queue outside his POS stand waiting to make withdrawal.

Men and women expressed joy that they were able to see a man like him who refuse to charge N1,500 for N5,000.

Watch the video below:

Social media users praised the man for not taking undue advantage of the naira scarcity issue and they also shared their personal experiences.

@YounqSleek; You should Atleast drop his location someone might be willing to reward him atm

@global_grace4; Helpers would locate this guy soon with this act

@JenniferRaphea2; My neighbor charges 400 naira for 1000.

@Cjazter; Aaaah e just dey always pain me say na good people like this dey always suffer for this life pass. Baba God pls nah come through for ur people, no let him good deed go unrewarded even on this earth nah plssss 🙏

@vieve_01; He needs to replace high neck chairman tho

@haryormiseyia; Just like my barber dat stil 300naira til today, E no join any organization

In other news, a honest Nigerian man passed off on a chance to be over one million naira richer after money was mistakenly credited to his account.

The guy known as @KingOpeOfAbj on Twitter said 1,900 BUSD equivalent to N1.4 million was deposited into his Bitcoin wallet and he had the thought of using the money to celebrate this December.

He said he thought of booking flight to Lago immediately and commence steady ‘balling’ with the money.

However, he had a change of heart because he later realised that it was not miracle money.

He wrote; Earlier today someone mistakenly deposited 1900 busd to my Wallet, that’s like N1.4m, lots of thoughts came in like Abi na December miracle money ni, make I rush book my Lagos flight go do 2weeks balling back to back with 1.4m. But then I knew… It was NO miracle money, this is definitely someone’s hard earn money and it’s December, what if it was my money?

I mean it could someone’s whole year savings so i decided to leave it while waiting to be contacted by the owner or customer service which happened this evening. It was fully refunded. Well… guess I won’t be oppressing nobody in Lagos this December.