Nigerians are the most working people – British man (Video)

A British man has taken to social media to heap praises on Nigerians for their zeal and determination to succeed no matter the circumstances.

He opined in a trending clip on video-sharing platform, TikTok that Nigerians are the most hard working people he’s ever met in his life.

The content creator whose handle is @Bye_bye_fatman, revealed that he’s traveled to over 50 countries but he found out that people from Nigeria are very hard working.

He vehemently refuted the stereotype that paints the Nigerian citizens solely as fraudsters, stressing that such negative perceptions are unfair and misinformed.

Furthermore he explained that the reason Nigerians are all parts of the world is because they are industrious and do whatever they need to do to make their lives better.

He said; “Nigerians are among the hardest working people I’ve ever met in my life and I have travelled extensively. I’ve lived in ten different countries and I’ve been to nearly 50 countries and I’ve never come across a nation of people who are willing to graft and hustle to make ends meet as much as the people of Nigeria.

“Unfortunately, Nigerians are subjected to ridiculous stereotypes based upon the fact that there are some unscrupulous people but they are everywhere. There isn’t a country in the world that does not have unscrupulous people.

“Nigerians are industrious and always looking to innovate; they’d do whatever they need to do to make their lives better. That’s why we have Nigerians in all parts of the world.”

Watch the video:


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