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Nigerian women spend N9,720 on valentine’s gift, men spend N21,960 – Statistics



Valentine is a day of love. For some it is a period to show love, for others it is the day to make love. Whichever one indulges in, gifts are almost certainly involved.

And a new survey has shown just how much each sex spends on gifts on average.

A statistics from a data company StatiSense has revealed that Nigerian women spend $27 (N9,814) to get Valentine gifts for their loved ones. For men, the figure is slightly higher $61 (N22,173).

the company also released statistics for other countries in the world. Women in Thailand and United States spend $107 (N38,894) on Valentine’s gifts, while those in the United Kingdom and China spend $104 (N37,804) to get their loved ones Valentine’s gifts.

for men on the other hand, in Ireland they spend $160 (N58,160). Men in Italy spend $154 (N55,979) on Valentine’s gift, men in Thailand spend $146 (N53,071), while men in the United States spend $140 (N50,890) on Valentine’s gifts.

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