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Nigerian woman reportedly kidnapped days before relocating abroad

A Nigerian man has raised an alarm about the abduction of his friend a few days before her scheduled relocation to another country.

Dev Tobs said she has tried several times to get a visa for years, but failed, sadly, now that she’s gotten it, kidnappers have taken her.

He said she secured the visa this year and was supposed to leave Nigeria on 17th of December only for the abduction to happen.

DevTobs wrote; “My friend got kidnapped!!!!. She has consistently failed at getting a visa for years to come up here, she luckily got it this year and was set to move on the 17th. Now they’ve kidnapped her. NG is just…… I don’t even know how to feel💔💔”

Read some comments…

@AdemoyeJohn; Any leads on where she could be? Where she was last seen? Her photos???

@adedoyinalimi; This is devastating. I pray God shows her mercy and she’s found without any hurt.

@PrinceCharlee97; Nigeria is a crazzy place. Chances are, there might be someone around the embassy that spies on activities over there and tells kidnappers about people who have money and wants to travel out. This Country is a crime scene and nothing is impossible

@Barr_Jessica_C; This is really heartbreaking 🙁Kidnappers don’t ask which triibe you’re from before kidnapping yet our youths are busy fighting tribal wars online while the politicians are enjoying themselves

@Ezekiel_dazzy; My immediate sister was also kidnapped last month, she was on her way to work from Ajah. We ended up paying 4mil for her release. Leave nija if you can pls …

@tinugrills; This is one of the saddest thing that can happen to someone, I hope she comes out alive. So sorry

@ArjayRayy; OMG, the world isn’t safe, things are seriously happening, so sad fr, a close buddy must be behind all these that’s not happy about her living. I believe she will return safely.