Nigerian woman damages her man’s car after catching him on a date with another lady (Video)

A Nigerian woman has been captured on tape causing damage to her man’s car after she caught him with another lady in public.

A video captured the moment she walked in on her lover while he was on a date with his side chic at a restaurant in Owerri, Imo state.

Nigerian woman damages her man's car after catching him on a date with another lady

The woman confronted her man while yelling at the top of her voice, and poured his plate of food on him with the help of a friend whom she came along with.

The lady then went to the car park to scratch his vehicle’s body using an object believed to be a key despite efforts to stop her from the act.

The man, however, maintained his calm even though he could not escape from the lady as a result of a car parked behind his.

Watch video below:

Reacting, gbenro_akins said; Tunde Dey really think too high of himself, if you treat a lady bad expect reaction similar to this..nevertheless I don’t condone this act of violence but Dont trigger women and expect them to act sane

barr.eseosa; 3years relationship and people are telling her to move on? Do yall think it’s easy to move on just like that? Scratching the car is small sef. Some men really deserve worst treatment. You don’t have good intentions so why date her for 3years?. Ladies if after 6months your man hasn’t made any move to go see your parents or asked you to be his wife please get a plan B. Stop dating someone for dating sake!

ilori_olaolu; It’s not about the man, it’s about the money….. this is how some people react when they loose their source of income

hypeman.morgan; Except the guy is just wieked tho. Else, regardless of how many years u date a man, Men will always date beauty and marry wife material, if u re not a wife material even after 10 years of relationship men of today will leave you once they meet a real woman, nobody wants to suffer forever, if he corrects u on a particular thing, pick corrections immediately, 99% of ladies focus on the moment while men focus on the future.

If u are not good for his future he knows and dnt be surprised when he dumps u, nobody want to marry out of pity again, marriage is different from relationship, if you wea a good woman u wunt scratch that car no matter wat cod u just landed him on Debit, wea is the love?

healthertainer; No matter what anyone does to you, just grieve and heal and move on. Honestly, just think about it. Weeks, months, years from now you will laugh over these heartbreaks. It’s not that deep 😂

iamprettygloria; Run from any woman who can destroy your property when she is angry, this particular act is not worth it at all… I understand the hurt but walking away would have helped.