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Nigerian vlogger offers N1 million to anyone who can prove juju is real



A Nigerian vlogger and YouTuber, Gbenga Adewoyin has offered to give N1 million to anybody capable of proving that supernatural powers or juju is real.

He announced the pledge in a post on his Twitter account on 8th of September 2021.

According to Gbenga, the person who can prove such will receive 1 million naira from him on October 16.

He is a myth and conspiracy buster whose series focuses on debunking superstitions and beliefs that there are spiritual forces existing and living on earth.

He wrote; ”From October 16th, I will be making 1 million naira in cash available to anyone who has the evidence that Juju/supernatural is real.

You will see the money with your two eyes before you demonstrate the power…”

See his post:

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