Nigerian transgender single mum proposes to girlfriend (Video)

A Nigerian single mother who transitioned into a man, has set the internet abuzz as a result of a marriage proposal to a woman.

The transgender man simply known as Boboski, proposed to Isabella, who is also a single mother of one.

A video making the rounds online shows the moment Boboski popped the four-word question to the love of her life, who said ‘Yes’.

Boboski and Isabella met and fell in love after leaving the men in their past relationships.

They organised a special dinner with friends and in the course of the night, the transgender man brought out a ring and went on one knee.

The newly engaged couple then posed for the camera with wide smiles on their cheeks.

Social media users ere divided in the opinion they shared on the matter as some said they should not be judged while others strongly opposed the act.

Watch video below:


endylight1; This N0nsense has to stop, earlier the better we start putting an end to all of this. Go and read your Bible before you come for me.

princess__onuora; Lord we’re ready…pls come and end this 😭

derbie_______001; Wow congratulations Buh God go punish them two sha 🤦‍♀️😩😒

phils_life98; Nigeria government no day see news? Police no day make arrest? E no go better for una

sir_waco_auto07; Thank God say Nigeria Lady them no talk where he come from Nigeria

skinnybabyoflagos; It is no doubt that most of the people in the government house or government officials are all gay

bop__ple; This is as a result of what men must have done to them in the past

neye.bigshot; Everyone should have right to do what they want, catch the thieves in the Nigerian government before you judge other.

Check yourself all sins are equal no one is too big that’s what you all are using to deceive yourselves we have [email protected] and [email protected]£rs here claiming Jesus y’all go work on yourselves first when you’re perfect you can cast the stone I’m not gay I’m very straight but I do not criticiz€ anyone.

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