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Nigerian student nurse expelled, arrested for having relationship with patient at psychiatric hospital abroad

A male Nigerian student nurse has landed in trouble abroad for getting into a relationship with a female patient at a mental health hospital.

This is according to one Temitope Olowu who revealed that the affected nursing student was doing placement at the psychiatric hospital when he decided to have intimate affair with the lady.

It was gathered that they were sharing explicit photos with each other and when their act was discovered, the university reportedly revoked his admission and got him arrested on the allegation of taking advantage of the patient with a mental health challenge.

Temitope wrote; “A Nigerian student nurse on placement in a mental health hospital decided to have a relationship with a patient…

Exchanging explicit photos with her. University has terminated his course. Police is involved. Safeguarding enquiry is underway

Na jazz and ment. She said she’s in love with him. She’s a vulnerable adult. He took advantage of her. It’s a crime

Funny thing is he had been repeatedly warned about going into a patient’s room alone. Told it’s unacceptable but still carried on. I keep saying the average Nigerian is badly behaved. Unwilling to unlearn and relearn.”

In reaction, a tweep @OdinakaChelsea said; Obviously, she is a vulnerable adult, and in the eyes of the law, the student is seen as taking advantage of her. I hope he knows it’s finished for him? Anytime they do CRB check on him that incident will pop up.