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Nigerian student in Russia dies after saving woman from drowning



A Nigerian man who was studying in Kaliningrad, Russia, has drowned after rescuing a drowning lady at a beach.

The deceased, Eluemunor Richard Okasia was a student in a Marine University, who got married barely a year ago.

The unfortunate incident happened on Saturday, July 17, 2021. It was gathered that Richard and his wife were at the beach when they spotted the lady drowning. His wife reportedly begged him not to go into the water but he insisted.

An eyewitness said the young student saved the woman from drowning with the help of three other men before the current took him deep into the sea.

“He was part of a group of four guys that tried to rescue the girl that was drowning. He was the first to reach her and he pushed her out of the strong current.

The others were then able to get the girl to the beach. He himself was then carried deep into the sea by the current. He couldn’t get out. He was above the water for a few minutes and then went under the water,” the eyewitness said.

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