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Nigerian Singer, Odee reaches the Voice of Finland 2018 quarter-final (Bio and photos)



The 2018 Voice of Finland, a music reality show commenced on the 5th of January 2018 with 93 contestants and majority of the contestants who are vying for the crown of the most coveted music reality show are from Finland.

Nigerian sensational singer “Odee” is amongst the few foreigners who were able to make it after series of rigorous auditions and he is the only African contestant.

The Akwa Ibom born music maestro captured the hearts of the judges during the knock out stages and made it through to the quater-final with his impeccable rendition of James Bay’s song” Hold Back The River”

However, he is regarded as the singer with an outstanding vocal strength amongst the majority of viewers in Finland and neighbouring countries.

Odee, wants you to vote for him so that he can make it to the semi-finals, as it stands now, there are only 16 contestants left.

How to voteäänestä

Can only vote through with the PayPal account.

How to watch.

type voice of Finland in the box “HAe”, select the first option.. It will take you to the live shows which will be open tomorrow. Show starts by 6 pm.

Odudu Equere biography

Odudu Equere is a gospel/recording artist from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. His music journey started from a tender age in the children/youth department, Christ for the World Mission, Calabar, where he was the choir leader. His passion for singing and selfless service in the music ministry got him the coveted position of the “ambassador for music” in his church and neighbouring churches.

However, Odudu suffered several academic setbacks and was forced to withdraw from the university after eight years with nothing to show for it. Shutting his ears to the ridicule from friends who told him to learn a trade because he wasn’t mentally sound, and the pressure from his family being the only son, Odudu wore the garment of a true champion and decided to do something about his situation. He applied for a scholarship in Finland, sat for the entrance exam and fortunately, was the only Nigerian who qualified for his chosen course.

Odee’s passion for music didn’t die in Nigeria. He continued to shine in the art in Finland, performing in church and school concerts in Kokkola/Pietasaari, Finland. Few years after, he graduated with flying colours from Centra University of Applied Science and was even chosen by the school authority to give a valedictory speech in honour of the graduating students.

A true champion never surrenders. This is the case with Odee, who just recently dared to audition for the Voice of Finland, a renowned music reality show in Europe. Many people told him that he won’t make it through the first stages because it wasn’t a show for people like him but that didn’t stop him. Not only did he survive series of rigorous auditions amongst ninety three other contestants, he is the only African who has made it to the quater finals live shows beginning on the 6th of April.

*You can also listen and download Odee Equere’s songs on Youtube and spotify.




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