Nigerian singer buys Range Rover as Valentine gift for his woman

A young musician known as Boylexxy has said the best way for men to celebrate their women this Valentine is to spend lavishly.

He revealed that he bought a brand-new Range Rover for his woman, because it is the proper way to show love.

Boylexxy took to Twitter shared a series photos of the expensive car which had been packaged with a ribbon at the dealership.

One of the pictures showed the car sales man counting the dollars which the singer used to purchase the Range Rover.

The man further said hinted that a man is not serious if he chooses to surprise his girlfriend or wife with cake as Valentine’s gift.

Boy lexxy wrote; “This valentines, if you want to show love to your woman, your pocket gatz feel am, no be by cake buy am range.”

View his post:

Social media users lambasted him for trying to impress and make women set unrealistic standards.

@Ezigbo_mmadu; Abeg shift who you wan impress? You bought Range for babe, wey dey sneak go meet guy with Corolla. Small boys of nowadays no dey get sense.

@nnaboy2u; People no jus get sense, is it only women that deserve gifts on valentines day?

@koreanbunkies; Cut your coat according to your size. Someone who has money for a range would buy one, but someone who can only afford a cake…theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all love is love

@smiley_wise; Don’t put pressure on the young ones…do the one you can afford as at today…1 step at a time.

@OwobamirinDami1; If no be zenith bank app wey no Dey work, how much is range that I cannot buy for my babe

@_bolasvn; That one concern two of una o, I’d get mine flowers & dress & other stuffs make man no go dey pressure man abeg

@philo_usrpr; I reserve my comments. Your own will not spoil, I will buy my damn cakes 🙏🏾

@lildemmy05; So as you don get money now, na 2 pressure we wey never get bah?

@iam__temmyy; Na only woman deserve valentine gift? This is the problem right here. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

@Asuaiprecious1; Oga do your own make people do their ur pocket nor be another person pocket bring ur shoulder down

@Jimmy555brooks; you use your savings buy whip, still promote the tweet. your pocket really feel am

@JosephNft_; All of una for here da find babe. Abeg make una give me watin una get I go give una babe

@MakhongoanaJ2; No be all of us geh that kind of mind wey you use do your OSOLÈ so our woman go manage the cake as usual

@utdlod; Impress her with money and she would leave you and Goan meet another guy who has more money Olodo 👍☺️

@Rony37220245; Abeg shift. E be like say this shortage of money no reach your side. Abi u be CRIMINAL cos we are not.