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Nigerian mom works out in the gym with her baby strapped to her back (photos)



A Nigerian mother has been trending on the social media after some videos of her emerged working hard at the gym with her baby strapped to her back.

The Nigerian lady identified as Mudia on Instagram shared the videos of herself trying to get back in shape with her cute baby strapped to her back at the same time.[AdSense-B]

According to the baby’s mother, it is near impossible doing anything without him being strapped to her back.

She continued her exercise as the baby slept peacefully.

The cute baby who joined his mother during the work out session. Source: Instagram, Mudia.

These videos made by the woman generated mixed reactions as some found it amusing while others felt it was extremely dangerous for the baby.

Determination is the #fitness #getmygroveback #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #mumlife

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She was being advised to go to the gym with her nanny next time and not endanger the innocent baby. All sorts of opinions were raised as people showed concern for the baby and thought of the possible things that could have happened to him in the process.

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