Nigerian men lack patience when wooing women – Actress Mo Bewa

Nollywood actress, Omobewaji Oyediji, popularly known as Mo Bewa, has said Nigerian don’t know how to be patient and persistent when wooing a woman.

The screen diva said Nigerian men are not romantic, are impatient and she is scared of their approach to relationship matters.

Mo Bewa Nigerian men impatient

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, Mo Bewa complained about how a man would meet an woman for the first time and immediately invite her to his place of residence.

She said; “I don’t think Nigerian men are romantic. They don’t even know how to woo women anymore. They meet you and just want you to come over to their place immediately. They don’t want to waste time. I’m scared of Nigerian men.”

Highlighting the high points of her career and challenging moments, Bewa stated, “The highest moment in my career was when I was featured in a Globacom television commercial. I was shocked that Globacom noticed and was eager to feature me. It was elating for me.”

“If I wasn’t acting, I would have been a doctor. Medicine is something I love. I try to educate myself so much about it I think it’s an interesting profession. Saving lives would be amazing. I also wouldn’t mind being a teacher. I love to teach too.”

Speaking on the possibility of a Nollywood movie winning an Oscar, she said, “Nollywood has evolved, grown, and is our baby that is now maturing into an adult. Nollywood movies will definitely win not just the Oscars, but more awards. The industry won’t stop growing and I am proud to be a part of it.”