Nigerian man working abroad buys car with his first salary

A Nigerian software engineer who lives and works abroad has revealed that he purchased his first car with his first big paycheck.

The young man known as Richard bought a Hyundai in fulfilment of a dream he had last year regarding what he would do with the first money his new employers pay.

In a tweet last December, he wrote; “Someone asked me “what are you buying with your first big paycheck?” Now I’m curious for some of your answers.”

Fast-forward to January 2023 and he showed off his Hyundai which he said was the answer to the question that someone asked him.

According to Richard, he would no longer have to be using his leg as a mode of transportation.

He captioned a photo of him posing by the ride: “Here’s my answer. I can finally stop using my legedez Benz 👍🏽”

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