Nigerian man whose girlfriend helped him search for job marries another lady

A Nigerian pharmacist has shared a relationship matter that was shared with him by one of the parties involved.

He said a girl helped her boyfriend to look for a job last year but he paid her back by marrying someone else.

The tweep known as Mr Mekzy said she reached out to him late 2022 because her boyfriend, who is a pharmacist was being underpaid at his place of work.

She asked the pharmacist to assist with getting her man a new job with another establishment.

Fast-forward to 2023, the same girl contacted Mekzy and cried out that the same boyfriend has tied the knot with another lady.

He wrote; “A lady sent me a DM late last year, asking me to help her look for a job for her boyfriend who’s a pharmacist because they owe him his salary and underpay him at the company where he works in lagos. She DMd me today to say that he got married to someone else last week.”

See the post:

Reacting, @Dorothywealth wrote; Not all relationship will lead to marriage,just do your bits and leave the rest to God,let her eat the breakfast solemnly,drink enough water and move on.

@Inveesiblue; Set aside 22hours per day to fear men. The remaining 2 hours,use it to fear them again,this time around affirmatively.

@chukwuemerieoko; In sportybet we call it “away to get married b4 extra time”

@AugustinaUdah; My question is did you help him get a job? If yes then help him get out of the job let his new wife help him get a job. They can’t be living and enjoying on someone else’s sweat

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has gone online to reveal that her fiancé recently lost his job and its just four months to their wedding.

She is being hailed for deciding to beg well-meaning individuals to help her man become gainfully employed before

The woman explained that he used to work in a private company but got laid off due to low income generation.

She gave details about her man’s qualifications and place of residence. According to the lady, he is a Geography graduate with second class honours and lives in Abuja.

Her appeal was made public via Halal Matching’s Twitter page.

The post reads; My fiancé lost his job and it’s just 4months away from our wedding. He initially works in a private company and unfortunately, due to inadequate revenue generation, the company decided to rule out some staff to ease and control its’ expenditures. With the number of followers you have, please share to enable this message reach the desired audience.

He is a graduate of Geography with second class upper division, residing in Abuja. I solicit anyone having an upper hand in helping him secure a job that can sustain the family he’s trying to start building. Work in Abuja, Kaduna or even Kano is welcomed but preferably Abuja or Kaduna (kaduna being his state of origin).

May Allah bless you as you help me repost and as well Grant u the fortune to reach the audience we pray. Anyone willing to help, may Allah bless him too. Jazakumullahu Khair.

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