Nigerian man walks away from his wedding, shouting ‘I no do again’

Nigerian man walks away from his wedding, shouting ‘I no do again’

A yet to be identified Nigerian man took guests and family members by surprise on his wedding day after he decided not to continue with the wedding right on the wedding ceremony ground.

The man suddenly began to clamour that he’s no longer interested in going on with the wedding with his bride as he walked away from the wedding ground and took to the streets.

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In a video which is currently circulating on social media, the man is heard shouting “I no do again” as his bride chased him with other guests to know his reasons.

The groom who’s putting on a blue suit, is seen running about on the busy road.

Watch the video below;


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    Do a follow up and get more information on what happened. So that you can save other relationships.

    The whole essence of making public this piece is not just for fun but to get a good reason behind the groom’s action that led to his refusal to get married.

    The bride that was jilted will be going through psychological issues. One can only imagine that unnecessary trauma she must be going through right now.

    Marriage is for the matured mind. People need to be well prepared and know what they are going into. Relationships should be centred on God too.

    Marry for love alone. Not cause you think you are old enough or get pushed or forced into getting married. One needs to be sure of what one is doing.

    Why leave someone at the last minute? That spells out immaturity. Except perhaps he found out an information about the lady at the last minute. Which means there was no element of trust in the relationshipto start with.

    If trust is lacking then there is a problem. But instead of me making or these guess or even other readers doing same…
    Please dear writer, Get to the root of this issue which lead to the groom leaving his bride at the last minute.

    People need to make up their minds before deciding to be married.

    Questions for the writer of this Article…

    1)Why did the man leave the lady at the last minute?

    2)How long did they court?

    3)Did the man get an information about the lady?

    4)Do they have trust issues in the relationship?

    5)Is the marriage an arranged marriage?

    6)Is the man mentally ill?

    7)These and more questions beg for an answer.

    8)And then is the issue of the lesson to be learnt…


    1)Marry for love

    2)Be committed to the relationship and your partner.

    3)Have the God factor, make him the centre of the relationship

    4)Don’t rush into marriage

    5)Prepare yourself before marriage

    6)Be emotional prepared before getting married

    And for the publisher…

    Give us more information, or do a follow up on this…

    1)Every artice should have a message

    2)What lesson are to be learnt.

    3)Things should not be shown for the fun of it but for what others can learn

    4)Their is a message here, what is it?

    I will look forward to a response from
    Marry for love and be prepared.

    My heart goes out to the bride and groom. But must be suffering right now. Gosh!!!