Nigerian man seeks advice after finding out his wife-to-be cheated with five men

A Nigerian man has opened up on being in a dilemma after discovering that his fiancée cheated on him with five men while he was away for nine months.

He made this known on a Facebook group and recounted how she mandated him to do introduction before he traveled only for him to return and learn about her infidelity.

He said he confronted her after having suspicions and he confessed to cheating with different men.

According to the heartbroken man, his lover has been calling his mother and her family members to beg him on her behalf.

He is confused and wants social media users to advice on him on the best way to handle the matter and how to proceed.

In his words; “There is this lady I was dating and we agreed to marry before I traveled out but she said I must come and see her parents for introduction before I travel so that she will know I am serious which I did before I traveled..I spent 9 months and came back only for me to suspect her and she confirmed she cheated with 5 different men.

She has been begging and calling my mum and her family members to beg me to forgive should I trash her away or forgive her and continue with her pls advice me, I’m confused.”

Lady cheat five men

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A man borrowed his girlfriend’s laptop to study for exams only for him to make the shocking discovery that she is cheating on him.

He revealed via Twitter that he urgently needed to prepare for the examination which is two weeks away and he had lost his phone weeks earlier so she gave him her laptop.

However, in the course of using it to study, he saw proof that she and another guy were intimate and he is afraid of confronting her because he still needs the device for exam preparations.

The man identified as Inno on the microblogging site, shared his story in reaction to a tweet which averred that poverty humiliates a person.

He wrote; “Last month I lost my phone that I was using (even) for my studies and my girlfriend had to give me her PC. Fast forward last week I found out that another guy is chewing her now I can’t confront her or do anything kaili I’m using her PC to study and exam is just 2 weeks away.”