Nigerian man secures UK visa to link up with wife of abroad-returnee as payback for sleeping with his fiancée

A Nigerian man who’s been bearing a grudge against a UK-based compatriot that slept with his fiancée, has revealed that he intends to pay him back in his own coin.

He said the guy returned from UK in 2021 and had intimate moments with his now ex-fiancee for 10 straight days.

Betrayed and heartbroken by the act, he ended the relationship. However, two years later, the man still hurting, said he’s obtained UK visa and his intention is to travel out to target the other guy’s wife.

He said that he is now a rich man unlike when his fiancee cheated on him, and he wants the UK-based man to cry like he did.

In his words; “There’s a Naija guy in the UK who shagged my ex fiancee for 10 solid days in 2021.

He’s on this app and I want him to know that I’ve gotten UK visa and I don get bar too. His wife is my target. The tears I cried, he too will cry them.”

Meanwhile, another man has narrated how he discovered that his fiancée is having an affair with a friend he allowed to stay with him.

The guy who lives with his babe said his friend visited him in Lagos and he agreed to accommodate him in his two-bedroom apartment.

According to the heartbroken man, their wedding is coming up in August this year. He said things were going smoothly for six months, but the situation took a new dimension when his company sent him to Cameroon on a getaway and he left his fiancee behind with his friend in the same house.

When he returned, he tried retrieving a number from his friend’s phone and that was when he saw a WhatsApp message from his wife-to-be’s number even though it was not saved.

He wrote; This my friend came to Lagos to stay with me as I am currently living in a 2bedroom flat with my girlfriend, someone I am planning to get married to by August this year, that’s even more reason why I got this apartment in the first place.

So this my friend called me that he wants to come and hustle small in Lagos, he has been staying with us for 6months now and everything good. I traveled for my company’s getaway to Cameroon, spent one month there. I got back on Friday and I noticed something wasn’t right. But I didn’t pay much attention.

This morning, I collected my friend’s phone to pick a number to call then one funny message came through from his WhatsApp and I opened it like who is this guy. I was still laughing and closed back the message when I noticed my wife’s number in the WhatsApp chat “unsaved” though. I moved slight and I opened the chat.

Please do you think the did has been done? Cos I have been at Obalende since morning thinking and wondering why I shouldn’t go to the third mainland bridge and just dive. This is a girl that I paid for 5years through the university. Engineering course btw.