Nigerian man reportedly dumps wife moments after their church wedding in Ghana

Drama occurred on the streets of Ghana after a groom changed his mind and ended a marriage that was just few hours old.

The Nigerian man reportedly broke up with his wife as they were returning from their church wedding where exchange of vows happened.

In a video making the rounds online, male bystanders could be seen begging the man to reconsider his decision while women were comforting the bride who was still in her wedding gown.

It was gathered that the couple were leaving the church with the best man and chief bridesmaid when the groom stopped the car and said he is no longer interested in the marriage.

His bestman could be seen talking to him to calm down as he seemed irritated and other men joined in pleading with him to explain the sudden change of mind.

Meanwhile, the bride who was crying bitterly fell to the floor as result of the devastating development and women had to assist in lifting her off the ground.

Watch the video below:

Social media users shared mixed feelings while reacting to the incident.

vin_vivy2; Don’t rush into marriage una no dey here😢 God’s time is the best

sweezzy1; I dey there…. NA HER EX DO HER MAKEUP OVERNIGHT

prima_donnar; Where’s the venue regardless? The jollof cannot waste abi?

roma_harts; Bfore y’all start judging the guy, hear e own side of the story, maybe he just got to know something from her past🥹

iamehiphil; The true story about this video is that he found out she is a single mother of 4 children

resatabot; Some men sha. Why didn’t he say no before the wedding day or even while in church on the wedding day? He had to wait, he said “i-do” then drive till they got to a busy place, a market place fa! Before his useless self said NO! This is some of the reasons some ladies call men a “scum”. After dem go dey vex say ladies call them scum! Is this behaviour not that of a scum?!!

dimzcorner_; Why disgrace her publicly? See, If this isn’t a skit or a spiritual manipulation, then, no matter what his reasons are, he could have waited till they got home and dissolve it amicably between her and his in-laws. Haba!💔 Maturity and emotional intelligence is not by age and physique oo! May God really help us.

In other news, CorrectNG reported that a man named Festus was arrested by police days before his wedding in Delta state.

The tricycle rider was fished out after some robbers mentioned him as their gang leader after being arrested.

Men of the Delta state command arrested the suspect in connection with an alleged armed robbery in Sapele area of the state.

Wedding posters of the suspect and his bride in circulation made it easier for police to locate him. They were scheduled to tie the knot at Oghenetega Baptist Church, in Sapele.

However, following the confession by the arrested armed robbery gang, police officers tracked Festus and arrested him in his area.

It was learnt that he pleaded his innocence, claiming to have been framed. The tricycle rider attributed his ordeal to the handiwork of people who didn’t want him to progress.