Nigerian man refuses to pay after his date ate N12k food at restaurant (Watch video)

Drama ensued at a restaurant after a Nigerian lady ordered food which cost N12,000 while on a date with a guy.

The man who took her out refused to pay the bill and it led to an argument between the two of them as he stormed out of the establishment and tried to leave her behind.

She followed him to the car park and pleaded with him to settle the bill that her phone was dead if not she would have paid herself.

He, instead told her to drop her iPhone as payment for the phone and said that she was embarrassing herself

The man queried her for eating food of N12,000 and she said that she can even eat that of N50,000 and it is not a problem, as she would pay for it.

The young lady asked him not to blow the situation out of proportion, saying that she just needed to call someone and it will all be sorted out.

A waitress who attended to them in the restaurant could be seen standing behind the lady, waiting for the payment while the two continued the verbal exchange.

When the man insisted on not helping her to pay for the meal, the lady regretted and noted that she made a mistake by agreeing to go on a date with him.

Watch the video below:

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officialsmarteagle; She ate food of 12k and so? Did she ordered 1k food 12times? Why didn’t you take her to a cheap restaurant you can afford? Poverty is a disease. If this one carry you go club Na only water he go order for you.

fynboy_frm_thy_east; But for real women should try and be respecting their self on a date. This date something no be eating competition for crying out loud even if he said order what you want please order what you yourself can clear up it bill at the moment, calculate yourself and ur pockets, before ordering anything same goes to men. Everyone should be guided. Tnx

seun_dreams; Ladies always order what u can pay for while having ur vex money, but wait who initated the date? Why is he filming her?🤦🏿

bcoin_marshal; You dey drive car you no fit afford 12k food, na e be say you be among those people wey dey drive car with reserved petrol and i sure say no be only food bill be that, una two drink join. Meanwhile 12k is just 14.1 euros 😂😂

gbenro_akins; The guy is a bastard why take a girl out on a date and embarrass her because of 12k. is he mad or what? shouting about 12k food like it’s 12million

toyinajayii; Why is he recording her though? Who raised these kind of men? You asked her out on a date, she obliged, ate and now you want her to pay? You record and post her ? For what reason??? Ladies!!!! Ladies please stop embarrassing yourselves, make sure you ALWAYS have your own money, eat what you can pay for, hold your own transport, many of these animals in human form are just out to disgrace you. HOW MUCH IS 12k again? Na wa sha.