Nigerian man quits yahoo yahoo after accidentally falling in love with client

A young Nigerian man who claims to be an ex-internet fraudster aka Yahoo boy, has recounted the incident that made him quit the illicit act of scamming.

The guy known as Josh revealed via social networking service, Twitter that he fell in love with the client he was supposed to obtain money from.

He shared his experience while reacting to the revelation by skit-maker, Shank Comics that he did yahoo yahoo for six months without cashing out.

CorrectNG recalls that Shank said he learnt internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo after graduating from the university. The internet comedian said he engaged in yahoo for six months in 2019, but he was not able to make a dime.

According to Shank, he traveled to Osogbo to learn cyber fraud from some group of guys but it was not producing the desired result after some months, so his tutor sent him back home.

He said the person who had taught him yahoo handed him an iPhone 6 as compensation after spending six months without cashing out.

The content creator who is a graduate of Elect Elect Enginnering, said his father was complaining about his wayward lifestyle and how he was not taking his life serious at the time.

Sharing his own ordeal, Josh said that after he fell for his victim, he was the one that started sending money instead of the other way round.

He wrote; “Him own better sef, when I say make I learn yahoo I go de fall in love with client 😭 Client con de bill me. Na me don de send client money.”