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Nigerian man lies under bus in UK after allegedly being denied permanent residency



A Nigerian man created a scene in front of the Home Office in the United Kingdom where he went to apply residence permit.

He laid down flat under a public bus and refused to come out thereby preventing the bus from moving.

It was gathered that the Home Office declined his application to become a permanent resident but he did not accept their decision in good faith.

The man chose to go outside and lie down under the bus in protest against the unfavourable decision.

People were begging him to come out from under the bus but he refused, he inisisted on getting his documents first.

In a video which has gone viral, the man could be heard screaming that he fulfilled all the requirements and he does not know what he did wrong that they did not grant him the permit.

This is even as some men could be seen telling him that they were trying to help him, but he refused to listen.

He kept ranting non-stop until UK police who were watching from the sidelines finally decided to arrest him.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, IG user, _adeleke_04 said God please 😢💔

luvurbod; And now, for being a “public nuisance”, & for this arrest, the UK Home Office may not ever grant him “Right Of Abode” in the UK. His village people are clearly working overtime on his case file 🚶🏽‍♀️

Interestingly while he was disappointed at not being made a permanent resident, another Nigerian lady was captured on tape lamenting over the hassles of living and working in Europe as immigrants.

She said that being in any European country is not as blissful as many people back in Nigeria may have been led to believe.

The young woman showed off what she does for a living and explained that it is what puts food on her table.

She could be seen packing hay with her hands which she said would eventually be carried to another location by a machine.

According to her, ‘Europe no easy’ and if she were in Africa she would probably not be doing that type of job.

She emphasised the need for persons like herself who are in Europe, to tell their countrymen that the continent is not hassle-free.

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