Nigerian man goes viral for creating firewood cooking stove

A middle-aged Nigerian man has become a topic of discussion on the internet after be built a stove which uses firewood as fuel

He amazed his compatriots with his creative ingenuity which was demonstrated at a time people are seeking such alternatives.

His creation has attracted massive attention to him because he showed it off amid the increase in fuel pump price, which caused people to stop driving cars, limit the use of generators and resort to using gas or electric machines.

In a video which has gone viral, the man with the TikTok handle @mix.steel showcased a steel stove and demonstrated how it can be used. He loaded the stove with small pieces of firewood to keep the fire burning and boiled water in a pot.

Max claimed that the stove can boil water can in under five minutes and cook any meal in 30 minutes.

Watch the clip below:

Read comments..

AJ_Lare; nice .. package am with stick(follow come stick) and put am for market

KITCHEN CO NG; You need to make a wider base so that the pot and stay comfortably and not pour soup away.

nnamdiemeks; If U add fan to it, it burns faster, nice work bro

Son of Grace asked: How do you light it up and quench it.

user4938249905739; Before the fire comes up, you will see shege.

Mac Alpha; What’s technology about this?

Kenneth; Them no de play ball for una compound?

Horeoluwa; Make Breeze pour soup for ground.

ADUNNI; Small breeze like this, fowl yansh go open in this Sapa regime. Thanks for the technology, we no do.

HENNIX111; Make I see how you go use this method prepare swallow like amala.