Nigerian man fumes as he recalls how a guy impregnated his girlfriend twice

A Nigerian man known as Opeyemi Drift has recounted how his girlfriend cheated on him twice with the same guy.

He took to microblogging platform, Twitter to recount the incident which seemed to bring back painful memories.

Opeyemi said the guy known as Emmalex impregnated his girlfriend on 2006 and he stayed with her only for that same man to impregnated her the second time.

He said that his babe at the time nicknamed Emmalex ”Goodluck” and that was what hurt him the most about the entire situation.

He wrote; “I just remembered that a guy called Emmalex impregnated my girlfriend twice in 2006. Thunder fire you wherever you are rn.

And she named him “Goodluck”. Na wetin pain me pass be that. My eyes have seen many things

Thunder fire both of them sef. In 2006. Which swag we get pass carrot jeans and Ama Kip Kip . We were still dating when he did it again.”

Meanwhile, young Nigerian couple’s beautiful love story has warmed hearts online after the lady revealed how they met.

She revealed that she made the first bold move even though her husband had always been showing interest in her.

According to the wife, he always liked or commented on her pictures and often hyped her but he never for once slid into her DM.

However, when she felt that the constant hype was becoming too much, she went to his DM and asked if he was looking to get married because she could not understand why he was always on her case.

That was the beginning of what blossomed into a relationship that ended with them becoming husband and wife.

The lady’s story was shared on microblogging platform, Twitter through @FamilyTips___ page.

The post reads; HOW WE MET

Opeyemi and I met in the most unconventional way, In fact I was even the one that sent him a message asking if he wanted to get married. (Hold on ladies, don’t beat me yet, I can explain myself) 😭

So in 2017, Opeyemi sent me his ever first DM saying that I had ignored his message (Baba did not message me o, he just dey find talk)

So since then, we had been following each other on Twitter Hi and Hello type of friends.

But I noticed that anytime i post any picture (per fine girl na) or say anything, Opeyemi will come and like the picture and start hyping me up.

In my mind I’m like (Who is this one again? I no even know your papa)

Anyhoo, fast forward to April 25th 2020 which happened to be my birthday, I got a lot of birthday wishes from my followers on Twitter, I also got one from Opeyemi (which was normal)

But tell me why Opeyemi sent that message like 3 times, even went to his page and was “subbing” me like “Happy birthday Sandra” “SANDRA is so beautiful” “I like SANDRA” .

He didn’t mention me o, he was just talking to himself . He was awkwardly overtly excited for my birthday so I said this one this person is doing plenty notice me, Oya take my attention, you’ve been noticed.