Nigerian man flees from young lady during talking stage after finding out she’s doing PhD

A Nigerian man has revealed that he cut ties with a 24-year-old lady he’s been wooing after finding out about her level of education.

The young man known as @Uncle_Sarm on Twitter said he discovered during talking stage with the lady that she’s doing her PhD programme.

According to him, the revelation was so intimidating that it scared him off and he subsequently dumped the idea of dating her.

Sarm disclosed that he is a bachelor’s degree holder who would not be able to measure up.

He wrote; “This girl i just entered talking stage with is doing her Phd, she’s just 24, omo i don jappa o dfkm”

He also expressed concerns that if they eventually date and he gets into a quarrel with her, she may want to use her qualification to talk down on him.

A user @Dikko36857122 said; Anytime she offends you and u want to yell at her, one mind will just be telling u “no shout na PhD holder” 😂

@Uncle_sarm replied; “Na the problem be that, or them go use “ordinary Bsc holder” finish you😭

Another tweep @he_is_smith asked;😂 What’s wrong

@Uncle_sarm wrote; “You say?? Omo I never find my path, I no fit follow person wey dey do Phd

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@originalemax; She might like u for who u are 😂

@sir_obafoluke; If toh say una marry, na you for get belle

@badoorichy; Thou shall not panic but instead be a brave man, ride on brother 😅

@Sucezfulszn; That’s how I got into a car with one girl while coming from sch. Immediately I tried to ask what course and level she say na Masters. Na once I say Wow japa

@SpelledSanmi; I used to feel this way but not anymore. I would be glad I have someone that is knowledgeable and I can learn from.

@A_Abby_Abi; You should work on your insecurity and be more confident.

Kudos for leaving her alone though. Because your insecurity will make you interpret every choice she makes as disrespect to you owing to her having a PhD.

@DonnDada_; Don’t feel less of yourself you can do it You people don’t like successful women, you’ll go and date the one that will ask you for school fees then come and start ranting on Twitter🥲

@yoitsarrow_; As a Man don’t ever expect women to understand how you think and feel, because they’re not men, and do not go through the male experience. Yes they can know, and they can accept it, but they cannot understand. Wisdom and Understand come through experience

@saint12_Maro; Because of PhD..who your PhD help, don’t allow low self esteem stop you from talking to that girl. Me if you like have all the degree in this world..if I find you attractive and I’m serious I will asked you out..me self I be graduate I have a degree.

@saint12_Maro; A girl told me that, Every woman like a confident man ,a man who doesn’t feel less of a man ,who’s not scared to approach her because her beauty or position.