Nigerian man finds out months into marriage that his wife feigned pregnancy to get him to marry her

A man identified as Victor Olalere, has dragged his wife before Grade A Customary Court, Oja Oba, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, over alleged deceit, irresponsibility, violence and attempt to take over his property.

He revealed that when he married his partner, Adeola Olalere, she already had three children for three different men.

He told the court how she claimed that he impregnated her, but noted that he became worried after watching her for months, but never saw her tummy protrude.

Mr Olalere said he spent through his nose taking her from one hospital to another seeking solution to the stagnant growth of the pregnancy. He added that he sought for spiritual assistance which also proved futile.

The man noted that it took months before he realised that Adeola was never pregnant, but that her plan was to take over his property,that is his house.

He further revealed that Mrs Olalere was violent and that she would often fight him, seize his phone and bar him from going out.

According to Olalere, his health began to deteriorate and that he presently had hypertension as a result of his business that was dwindling and finally crashed after he got married to his wife.

Victor told the court that Adeola changed the key to their house and refused him access to it since three years ago. The plaintiff thus prayed the court to dissolve their wedlock and declare him the righful owner of the house.

Adeola refused to make an appearance in court despite being served court summonses.

In his words; “I got married to Adeola in 2017 after she lied to me that she was carrying my baby, but I did not pay any dowry on her.

“I was already married before I met her, but my first wife did not have any child for me. Adeola already had three children for three different men before she moved in with me.

“I bought the house Adeola and I both lived in for three years, a year before we got married and it is solely owed by me. I discovered that my wife is decietful, irresponsible, troublesome, and violent after we got married.

“My lord, Adeola lied that she was pregnant. I waited patiently to see her tummy grow, but it remained the same size for months. She insisted that she was pregnant and we sought for medical help to uncover the problem, but we did not have a breakthrough after spending through the nose.

“We later abandoned orthodox medicine for spiritual intervention, but again we were left disappointed. We attended to this problem for more than a year without success. I felt her problem must have been as a result of stress and I stopped her from working.”