Nigerian man dumps girlfriend after she helped him to build house

A 31-year-old Nigerian woman has opened up on a heartbreak she suffered when she was much younger.

She recounted how her former boyfriend ended their relationship after helping him with the building of his house when he traveled abroad.

The young lady known as @dess_laundry on Twitter said started dating her ex when she was just 20 years old and the relationship spanned throughout her university years and continued after graduation

When she was done with school, he asked her to stay in his apartment at a time when he was not in the country and she agreed.

According to Dess, her boyfriend vested more trust in her than his own family and as such he gave her the responsibility of handling his building project.

She put his resources to good use with her managerial skills and even furnished the house when construction was complete.

The man eventually returned to Nigeria and the duo continued living together as a couple. The lady revealed that he opened a shop for her and they rented out one of the flats in their compound.

Everything took an unexpected twist when her man fell for the daughter of his tenant ands he discovered he was dating the girl.

The part that broke her heart was when her man married the tenant’s daughter and told his ex that he never really loved her.

The heartbroken lady collapsed as a result of what happened and was admitted to the hospital afterwards.

In her words; “I’ve never shared my story publicly before, but @is_salsu story just inspired mine. I started dating my ex when I was 20 and he was my 2nd, my first molested me. So I always see my ex as my first cos my first consensual sez was with him. I had just gotten into uni then. Fast forward to 5yrs later, I graduated and we were still dating o. Mind you, I never had a school bf because he lived in Benin while my school was in ekpoma (AAU).

All my years in school I never experienced what it felt like to have a bf In school. My whole life was just him. So after graduation, he asked me to move in with him. Though he was out of the country at the time. So I was staying at his place, I had a shop he opened for me while I was waiting for NYSC. Fast forward to a yr later, we started building his house. I was in charge of his finances

Because he didn’t trust any of his family members then, so we finished the house in 8mths. I furnished and bought everything in the house but he was the one sending the money. So after Abt 2mths he came back to Nigeria and we moved into the house and rented out the back flat.

A lady and her family moved in, guess what my ex started dating the lady without me knowing πŸ˜‚ everybody in the whole area knew but I didn’t 😁 Well to cut long story short they’re both married with a kid now and guess what?? I’m just now beginning to heal from the heart break

I know y’all might wanna know what his reason for breaking up with me was 😊 Well according to him he said he didn’t love me anymore that meeting this said lady was what opened his eyes to realize that he has never loved me. That day I collapsed and was taking to the hospital

By the girl’s mother, I spent 3days in the hospital and a week after I was discharged he came to my sister’s house to collect his shop keys. (I called it his shop cos he sponsored everything) and he gave the keys to the said girl’s mother 😁😁 I was depressed for over a year.

Living on antidepressants. It took me 18 good months to even give my number to a man. I saw men like beasts😁😁. Now I’m 31, still single and somebody comes to bash me for being unmarried at this age? Y’all think anybody ever planned to be over 30 and unmarried???”