Nigerian man disarms police officer of his gun in South Africa (Video)

A young Nigerian man got into a scuffle with police officers that wanted to arrest him in South Africa.

It is not clear what his offence was but he resisted arrest and made for an escape but he was apprehended before he could go far.

The suspect could be seen struggling to break free from the grip of a white policeman and in the process, he dispossessed him of his firearm.

However, the police man recovered his pistol almost immediately.

The incident happened around Pharaoh in Johannesburg and it attracted a group of Nigerians to tried to secure their compatriots release.

In a video which was posted on social media, a man raised an alarm that Nigerians are being harassed and intimidated in the country.

He continued speaking up and calling for help while the man being rough handled fought the officer.

Watch the video below:

Similarly a group of young men took matters into their hands after being labelled drug addicts and getting assaulted by police officers.

It was gathered that men of the Bayelsa state police command accused them of being drug users and extorted them of N5,000.

However, the youths seemed to have summoned courage all of a sudden when the policemen increased the amount requested to N30k. They challenged the men in uniform over their unreasonable demand.

The incident reportedly happened in Amasoma on Monday, 5th of December 2022.

A video which went viral showed the moment the young men pounced on the officers who were armed.

An eyewitness narrated how the police officers spotted one of the boys licking sweet and thought he was taking drugs. He was accosted together with his friends by the security agents that accused them of drug abuse.

“The boys were not using drugs but these policemen accosted them and labeled themdDrug users. They packed all of them into their police van and ordered them to pay N5K for their release.

The boys paid the money but the greedy policemen increased the money to N30K which led to a retaliation by the victims who insisted that it’s either the policemen k**l them or they won’t pay a dime,” the source said.