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Nigerian man demands his share after discovering the wife he wants to divorce is seven times richer than him



A UK-based Nigerian man has been hit with an unexpected and shocking discovery regarding his wife’s financial status.

The unidentified man who reportedly got his wife to sign a prenuptial agreement that she won’t take any of his assets, recently filed for a divorce only for him to discover that she is richer than him.

He found out that she is 7 times richer than him and he felt cheated, hence decided to demand that her assets be divided.

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She apparently inherited the wealth from a relative last year.

Twitter user @abarbyworld shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, writing;

“So a client made his wife sign a prenup two years ago. He insisted and shouted upandan so she agreed.

Now they’re getting a divorce and we’re finding out she’s like 7x richer than him he’s trying to break the terms and divide the assets.

Things to note:

We are not their lawyers but their asset managers.

They are not a British couple.

Mrs inherited money and a business from a relative last year.

Mr is saying he’s not divorcing again if she doesn’t share the money.”

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