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Nigerian man confused on whether to give a job slot he was offered to his sister or girlfriend



A Nigerian man who was given a slot to bring somebody for a job has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to seek for advice on whom to give the job, whether his sister or his girlfriend, as he is confused.

He wrote;

Good evening Zoners! So I’m in a confusing state at the moment.. I got a free slot for a job in a firm i once worked ,they asked me to recommend someone to fill in that position.. Here on my list ,i have my girlfriend of 2 years and ..

Who studied Same course but out of job for now ,just trying to engage herself on one or two online vendor stuff which aint paying her tho, and the second is my younger sister, mho also do Sam course and will fill perfectly to this job too, no job for her yet just helping my mum out in her shop, both has been pestering me for job ,for only God knows when, now i am to recommend just one person which will definitely be picked ,who should i recommend,i have been trying to put in my girl,but my blood conscience is hurting me why not my sister. Please what should i do?

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