Nigerian man claims female colleague used cake to ask him to be her boyfriend

A Nigerian man has generated buzz online after he revealed what a female colleague did to let him know she was interested in him.

The young guy known as Itarex on Twitter, claimed that the lady, who is also his crush, used an edible gift to ask him to be her boyfriend.

According to him, the co-worker presented him with a cake that had the words ‘Will you be my boyfriend? inscribed on the surface.

Itarex shared a photo of the cake on the microblogging site and further disclosed that the romantic woman gave to him at their place of work.

He captioned; “My crush in my place of work gave me this 🥺🥺🥲”

Man colleague cake boyfriend

Read some comments below:

@NgoziPreshy; Hope u accepted her proposal?

@Thekwekusafo; That’s a queen right there!!

@campusblaze; Wow this is nice

@timadeg92; This must be an A.I generated image

@JustDirmax; Una mind no go touch Ground.

Meanwhile in another news…

A man cried out for help following an agreement he had with his friend that went sour and that led to disasters in his life.

He said that his buddie was wooing a particular girl who kept playing hard to get, so he made a bet that he will be able to sleep with her. The friend doubted him but decided to go along with the bet, but it did not take long before he bedded the girl.

Feeling betrayed by his buddie for sleeping with his crush, he cut off contact and communications. However, the affected man lmented that ever since then, his friend chases him in his dream with stones. He also said mysterious things have been happening around him.

“This story happened between myself and my friend. There is this girl my friend has been putting all efforts to get, from buying food, gifts and sending money to this girl. And he keeps gisting me about everything. So he showed me some chats some times ago and I told him I might be the one that will sleep with this girl last last,” he wrote.