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Nigerian man becomes a CEO and US citizen 20 years after his parents borrowed $1500 to send him abroad



A Nigerian man, Ayo Philips, has celebrated his recently earned new citizenship with a backstory of sacrifice.

Ayo took to social media to reveal that he has become a US citizen years after his parents borrowed a huge sum of money to send him abroad.

In a post via Twitter, the young man sharing his inspiring story, said his parents used their property as collateral to get $1500 loan for his one-way ticket to America two decades ago.

20 years later, his life has changed for good as he is now a part-owner of a big business in America with an opportunity to make his parent’s sacrifice their greatest investment of all time.

He also has a beautiful family comprising a wife and two kids, a boy and a girl.

Sharing photos of himself and his family outside the US immigration building, Ayo wrote,

“At 2:23pm CT today, I became an American

20 yrs ago, my parents took out a $1500 loan guaranteed by their possessions to get me on a 1-way flight here

Today, I am part-owner of a business with an opportunity to make that their greatest investment

That’s the magic of America.”

See his post below:

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