Nigerian man barraged with DMs after offering to share fictitious £1m he got from lottery donation

A Nigerian software engineer, Hack Sultan took to microblogging site, Twitter to claim that the sum of £1million was donated to him by foreigners.

He got a message through email from scammers posing as intermediaries for a Northern Irish couple that won £115 million lottery.

The person who informed Sultan of the donation said it was from one Frances and Patrick Connelly family that won Euro millions jackpot in 2019.

The mediator who claimed that the money was meant for helping the poor and needy, asked the Nigerian man to reach out through another email.

Hack then shared the screenshot on his Twitter page and pretended to be excited about the news.

He offered to share the £1,000,000 with anyone who retweets his post and he got over a thousand Twitter users retweeting.

Also, he claimed that more people trooped to his DM to beg him to assist them as he’s now a multi-millionaire, but it baffled him that many of them did not realise the email he reshared online was the handwork of a scammer.

Hack Sultan’s first tweet read; “Holllyyyyyy shiiiii, I just got £1,000,000 donated to me privately. Someone tell me I’m dreaminggg.”

He added; “Covering the email so you people don’t take my moneyyyyy. 🥺🥺🥺🥺. I’m sharing my new £1M with everyone who retweets thiss.”

When peope began to bombard his DM with messages, he had to question their intuition and noted that it is why many people fall for scams.

He wrote; “The amount of DMs I got after this tweet requesting for some kind of support and congratulating me is a big cause for alarm.

So people really think money like £1,000,000 just drops from the sky? That’s why a lot of people fall for scams easily.”