Nigerian man acts like local herbs seller inside bus in Scotland (Funny video)

A Nigerian man living in Scotland has been captured on tape recreating a scene that is peculiar to bus transit in Nigeria.

He demonstrated how local herbs and drug vendors market their products on commercial buses in Lagos.

The young man brought out a bottle of aboniki which is an ointment meant for soothing pains and relieving joints, and began to list the benefits to foreigners on the bus he boarded.

He spoke Yoruba in the same manner some of the herbal distributors speak while trying to convince people to buy either a local drug or ointment.

He mentioned the prices of the balm in pounds and said they are affordable.

Nigerians on the bus which seemed to be heading to Union Street, Aberdeen participated in the hilarious display which also entertained white passengers.

Watch the video below:

@quincypetersjr; commented Calling medicine or medication drug will definitely raise red flags. No one calls it drug in d UK. His village people are sending him invitation letter and he think it’s all cruise. Ko si wahala. Anyways his marketing skills are fire 🔥

@DiceOfTruth; Damn! Back in the day, this was a skill. Guy gets up and paints little David in a 15munites spell, having you believe 2 tablets will cure anything from high blood pressure to giving confidence to tell that girl you like her. My Nigerian people are blessed.

@Ademolamii; Until police arrest you for public disturbance and drug related offenses. Calling medicine drug fit make police arrest you thinking you have white powder.

@YemisiKolaa; Lol he’s very smart for using Yoruba. Coz there are every tendency that he could be called by the police or any authority in charge for questioning if he’s understood to be advertising/selling a drug that’s not registered or that he doesn’t have a license to sell

@PharmJo_CFC; This thing na joke but abeg why na. Feels very embarrassing to see this. Make them no go dey view Nigerians as lawless people. How you go dey sell medicine for bus? Ahan🤪

@IHarphe; e dey muzz me as people de take am serious for this comment section. y’all act like you not nigerians and don’t recognise cruise when you see one. make whona try go enter bus for ikorodu🤣

@hebrahyzzle; This is what boarding white tata bus 🚌 from ikorodu – Oshodi – Mile 2 with the last stop at Lasu Gate. Ope bobola ti blow ni UK 🇬🇧 🤣

@ndubueze__; This is not funny in any way , disgusting to say the least . Behave yourselves abroad !

@Johnvict_; People taking this seriously is amazing.. Guy might have announced before starting, “hello let me dramatize something funny we do in my country” and those ones looking serious in the video would still clap at the end and hand him come coins.