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Nigerian lady with N700k in account evades sending N5k to boyfriend she’s richer than (Watch video)



A Nigerian lady and her boyfriend were the subjects of a content created by a TikTok star and the events that unfolded were interesting.

They were both asked how much is in their respective bank accounts, and the man revealed that he has N270,000. His babe was about to flee when the question was asked but she was drawn back and eventually said about N700,000 is in her own account.

The content creator known as @okaswiss_ then asked her if she can send N5k to her boyfriend and she agreed.

She brought out her phone to make a transfer but after looking at it for a few seconds she said the phone she normally uses to do transfer has goe flat.

The interviewer then mentioned that she has a power bank which she can use to charge the phone, but she said it was also down.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian man known as Tommy Viccetti on Twitter, has shared the message he received from his date that made him change his mind about going out with her.

They made arrangements for her to come and meet him at an undisclosed location, but when time reached and he informed her that the driver he ordered was waiting, she asked him for airtime to call.

Feeling disappointed with her response, Tommy told her not to bother about coming because he has already canceled the ride.

Sharing the screenshot on Twitter, he declared that he would stop having anything to do with girls who are financially handicapped.

“Naaah, I’m done with broke girls,” he wrote.

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