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Nigerian lady takes man on a date, spends over N40,000 (Watch video)



A Nigerian lady identified as Fehin Silva, has revealed that she took a man on a date and settled the entire bill.

She did it as part of a challenge posed by a Twitter user @ChokolateGravy who asked women to spoil in September because it is ‘take a man on a date’ month.

Fehin shared a video from her date and she documented everything from the moment they arrived at a restaurant to the point they ordered meals and the moment she got the bill of N43, 470.

She described herself as a sugar mummy and told the guy to prepare to be spoilt and he smiled from cheek to cheek.

The young woman said she was sweating after seeing the classy food they ordered, whereas the man was dancing.

She was scared that the bill might be too high but when it came see saw that it was costly but not as much as she was expecting.

The meal was N38,511, with the addition of service charge and VAT it rose up to N43,470.

Fehin said tha she has done her part, and threw the challenge open for another lady to do same with a man.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian man reportedly landed in a hot mess recently in Australia after he refused to date a woman he promised to be in a relationship with.

According to Facebook user, Daniel Chukwuemeka, the affected man wooed the lady with the intention of only having intimate relations but he made her believe that he wanted them to date.

When they met after few days of talking and he got wanted he wanted and decided to renege on their agreement.

Daniel said she reported the guy to the police and he was invited for questioning over breach of agreement.

He could not defend himself because there were screenshots of their chat and it is a punishable offence to violate a relationship agreement in the country, even if they are not married.

The affected man tried to get other Nigerians to speak in his defence but no one agreed because they did not want to ruin their plans to get permanent residency.

The post reads; ”A Nigerian brother is in trouble. He promised to date an oyibo lady whereas the only thing he wanted was knks. So, after a few days of talking and meeting, brother kn***d twice (only) within a day and decided to clean mouth. But the lady reported him to the police and accused him of breach of partnership agreement.

Police don invite brother to tell his own side of the story and brother cannot say much because the evidence is there in the chats between him and the lady. Brother now began to look for fellow Nigerians to put in some good word for him because the police say he should get at least two residents to vouch for his goodwill. Failure to do so, the case will be taken to court.

No fellow Nigerian wants to go to the police and vouch for brother because no one wants a dent on their hustle for Australian permanent residency and subsequent citizenship Nigerian police would have probably laughed at the lady’s case, especially since they are not married. Brother forgot he is not in Nigeria.

He was probably thinking with his D. He forgot he lives in a country where marriage is not a big deal, where two people living together over a certain period of time and sharing bills would even be recognised by the state as (de facto) partners without them needing to be legally married.”

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