Nigerian lady storms church with her brothers to beat her unfaithful boyfriend (Video)

A young lady caused a scene at a church in Port Harcourt, Rivers state when she showed up with her brothers to confront her unfaithful boyfriend.

The incident happened at Gateway International Church in Choba, Rivers State, on Sunday, February 4, 2024 during church service.

Sources who witnessed the incident, revealed the victim was accosted and assaulted by his girlfriend’s siblings after she claimed he was cheating on her.

In a video that is circulating online, the young men could be seen charging into the hall during service and immediately attacking their sister’s boyfriend who sat at the front row.

They were first heard asking about his sitting position in the crowd and after locating where her cheating boyfriend was sitting, they walked straight and pounced on him without asking him for any explanation.

It instantly escalated to a brawl as the alleged cheating lover stood up to fight his prospective in-laws, but some church members held him back to avoid it turning bloodbath.

The clergyman who had been preaching to the congregation before the chais unfolded stood there in disbelief as they exchange happened.

“This happened in my church today. Apparently, the guy was cheating on his girlfriend and she surprised him with a visit to the church.

She came with her brothers who slapped and beat up her boyfriend as the service was ongoing. As a result of the assault, the victim started bleeding,” an eyewitness said.

Watch video below: