Nigerian lady shares testimony after God saved her from 6 armed herdsmen

A Nigerian On-Air-Personality has taken to social media to narrated her ordeal in the hands of armed herdsmen and to give thanks to God for saving her.

She said they kidnapped her and other passengers on January 14 while traveling from Abuja to Makurdi, Benue state and were threatening to kill her.

According to the kidnap victim known as @prideofapeacock on Twitter, they held her from 6pm to 1:47am and surprisingly let them go without demanding anything.

She shared her testimony in response to tweet by Solomon Buchi talking about the goodness of God and how his belief in miracles has been strengthened.

In reaction, the OAP wrote; “Yes he is. Mine isn’t monetary but I received my miracle on the 14th of January when God saved me from the hands of six armed herdsmen who held me hostage from 6pm to 1:47am. Thank you God.🙏🏽”

Read her full story:

Something out of the ordinary happened last Sunday, and I feel compelled to share my kidnap story. Even though I’m not one to talk much about my personal stuff, staying silent would mean keeping the goodness of God hidden, and that just doesn’t feel right.

Sunday, on January 14th, 2024, something really scary happened during my trip from Abuja to Makurdi. I left the park after 3 PM because we had to wait a long time for more passengers. On the way, we hit a checkpoint, but this one was different – there was a tall guy with a gun wearing what looked like a military uniform.

Things went downhill from there. Two more guys appeared, and they told us to get out of the vehicle. There was a lady with her daughter and mother in the back, but they needed help to get out. I managed to get out without making any sudden moves to avoid suspicion of me trying to escape.

We were led into the bush, and things got scarier as more fully armed guys appeared making them six in number. They kept telling us to lie down every time they wanted to talk. They asked about my triibe, my job, and where I was headed. It felt like forever as we walked for hours.

At one point during this harrowing experience, one of the armed individuals inquired about who would pay my ransom. I mentioned that it would be my father. He then took my phone, attempting to turn it on, but couldn’t as the power button was off. Miraculously, he returned the phone to me.

After a lengthy trek of about two or three hours, these individuals forcibly took my bag. In it were only personal items, including my power bank, perfume, body spray, a new wrapper my mum has bought for me, body moisturizer, and other girly belongings. Alongside these, I carried some petty cash. The ordeal continued as they confiscated food from another woman and ate it.

They hit me with the gun and warned that we should not look at them. I started thinking the worst was coming. They talked about killing me, and I didn’t know what to do. I prayed to God to spare me, at least for my parents’ sake even though I was already choosing between the gun and the machete – which would be ‘less’ painful.

It felt like a miracle when, after some time, they suddenly let us go. I half-expected them to shoot us as we left.

We walked through the bushes and thorns back to the expressway singing familiar tribal songs to avoid being mistaken for enemies by security operatives. Reaching the road, the police awaited, having taken our vehicle to the station.

Injuries sustained and possessions lost, yet an overwhelming sense of gratitude prevailed. Against the odds, God’s intervention spared me from the grim fate that so often befalls others in Nigeria’s perilous landscape.

In addition to the losses inflicted by the marauders, I sustained some physical injuries—swollen feet and aching body. The material possessions I lost are replaceable! As I entered each store to buy some of them this morning, I realized that life itself isn’t available for purchase. The experience reinforced the profound truth that no amount of material replacement can equate to the value of life.

Grateful for my survival, I reflect on the shared challenges faced by fellow compatriots who have fallen victim to such marauding terrorists. My kidnap story defies belief. May Nigeria never happen to us.