Nigerian lady shares encounter with stranger who paid for her food because he wanted her to follow him home

A Nigerian lady identified as Adaeze has narrated an unpleasant experience with a man she met at a restaurant whom she thought was decent.

She said that she went to a popular restaurant and placed an order for rice and plantain, so when it was being packaged a guy walked up to her and started a conversation about why she chose not to add chicken.

Adaeze said that she informed him she does not like chicken, and there was a debate between them. After he offered to pay for her meal, but she did not want him to, however, he insisted and she agreed.

But when she was heading home, he cdrove close to where she was and offered Adaeze a lift, for them to both go to his house, but she rejected the idea.

In an even more shocking turn of events, he then told her to give him back the food that he paid for.

Adaeze wrote; “I once stepped out to buy food from a popular restaurant. I wore Jalabiya, crocs & a scarf, didn’t take my phones too, just my card & transport fare because the restaurant wasn’t far from where I was staying.

My food was already being packed (Chinese rice and plantain) when the ‘responsible-looking’ man who was to be attended to after me came to the front and asked why I wasn’t adding chicken. I told him I didn’t like chicken, he chuckled and said “Or is their chicken too expensive?”.

I replied with “We once had a poultry, so chicken isn’t something I can buy with my money, if it’s not goat meat (which they didn’t have), I won’t bother”. He went on to ask “What of fish?”

I said “I don’t enjoy eating fried fish with rice” I could see the smirk on his face like I was just giving excuses not to pay more than I had already ordered for. Remember the lady attending to me was just there waiting for the convo to be over so she’d know what next to do.

I turned to her and told her to please pack my food and tell me how much it was. I requested for the POS machine to use my card. Next thing, the guy tells her he’d pay for my food.

I smiled and said “Please, it’s not much na, let me pay” He laughed and said “I insist”. I turned and thanked him. He asked what my name was and I told him “Ada”.

I sha collected my food and walked out. I stood by the road waiting for keke to my house and next thing he’s walking towards me with his own order & flashing his car key.

He asked where I was going and I said my house. He then said I could join him in the car so we’d go to his house and eat our food. I told him No with a straight face and that I had a house and I’d be going back to my house to eat my food.

Next thing, he goes “Okay then, kindly give me the food I paid for if you won’t come to my house”. My ear did “ding-ding”. I looked at him in disbelief, this man looked into my eyes and said “Ada, please give me the food you’re holding that I just paid for since you’re not following me home”.

I gave him the food, he collected it, turned and started walking back to his car. The mistake I believe I made at this point was not going back into the restaurant to buy my food again.
I immediately stopped a bike and went home. I was shaking & murmuring “Jesus” 😂😂 I went home and was trying to understand what just happened, I was trying to process what the heck had just happened😂

After a little while, I was calmer & went out again but to another restaurant, I bought 2x plus goat meat ofc & other extra stuff. That incident scarred me so much & till today, regardless of who you are especially if we’re not longtime friends, if we go out to eat, I MUST pay for anything I order. Happened a few years ago but it’s still fresh in my memory.”