Nigerian lady reveals she sold her smartphone to relocate to Ghana (Video)

A young Nigerian lady, Maria Wilson has expressed joy after leaving her home country to begin life afresh in neighbouring Ghana.

She revealed that she sold her phone to fund her travel to the West African nation formerly dubbed Gold Coast, and she does not regret the decision till date.

Maria took took to her TikTok page to pray for her host country while sharing a video showing her journey and experience so far.

“I don’t regret selling my iPhone to come to Ghana. May God bless Ghana,” her video caption read.

See the clip below:


May God bless Ghana 🙏🇬🇭

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In other news…

Promising Nigerian actress, Ada Karl, has revealed what influenced her decision to relocate back to Nigeria from the United States of America.

The movie star said she moved back to Nigeria two years ago because of the love she has for her roots, and it is also why her bio on social media reads ‘American by birth, Nigerian by force’.

Ada said Nigerians are the coolest people on earth with the greatest sense of humour and in if she comes back in her next life she wants to be a citizen of Nigeria.

She said; “I moved back to Nigeria two years ago. I love my roots, and that is why my Instagram handle says, ‘American by birth, Nigerian by force’, meaning I have no option than to accept being Nigerian. I love being a Nigerian, and in my next life, I still want to be a Nigerian.

I believe that Nigerians are the coolest people on earth with the greatest sense of humour. I read comments online and I see the humor in many of them. I am a graduate of Mass Communication, so I know good journalism. Those comments online reflect that Nigerians have a great sense of humour.

Nigerians are happy people, despite all the torture and sufferings our leaders have perpetually subjected us to. We are very kind and generous. We live in so much lack, yet we display incredible acts of abundance and generosity when others are in need. I pray that God will touch the souls of our leaders to build a better Nigeria.”