Nigerian lady reveals how she made her man to stop watching football match

A Nigerian lady expressed displeasure over her boyfriend’s love for football and somehow persuaded him to abandon a game for her.

The young woman known as Ruth had taken to Twitter to state that dating a football fan is a difficult experience.

She stated this while sharing her conversation with her boyfriend on WhatsApp where she was complaining about being neglected.

This happened on March 11, 2023 when Chelsea FC was playing against Leicester City and he is a Chelsea fan.

In the chat, Ruth said she had been calling his phone but he was cutting, but he responded that he was on Do Not Disturb.

The boyfriend asked her to give him some time, saying that he will call her after the match, but she said she wanted to talk immediately.

He pleaded for 10 minutes, but she insisted on the phone call, so he promised to abandon the match for her. Few minutes later, he sent a message to her that he finally stopped watching Chelsea play and called her but she was not picking.

Ruth found it interesting how she was able to use the ‘power of a woman’ to influence her man’s decision.

She captioned the post: “It’s difficult to date a man who loves football. 😭”

“He had to leave the match to talk to me. 🤭”

Read the chat below: