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Nigerian lady reportedly caught using earpods to cheat in exam hall (Video)



A video making rounds online shows the moment a lecturer caught a female student using earpods to cheat during an examination at an undisclosed institution.

The lady had apparently connected her earpods to the phone’s bluetooth and was being told the answer by someone outside the exam hall.

Although netizens were divided on whether the scene was staged or not, in the video, the lecturer confronted the lady who had on a wig that was covering her ears.

After close inspection, he not only found the earpods in her ear but also discovered that she had hidden the phone neatly under her wig.

The lecturer vowed to ensure she gets expelled, then ordered her to leave the exam hall. But shortly before walking out, she could be heard querying her friend, named Anita.

”Anita you told him?’‘ she said.

Watch the video:

There were debates about whether the incident was real or an act.

@STARSFLYZ1 said; Obviously staged. Class almost empty. Wonder how careless the lady must have been for the supervisor to be so sure she was cheating to the extent he pulled her hair off

@mickey_tosh replied; Staged ? This is an examination of a higher institution. You want the class to be filled. Have written an exam of just 15 students in the classs.

@STARSFLYZ1; You can do better trust me. EarPods with a Nokia touch and you are bold enough to say it. Sorry

@mickey_tosh; Lol bro that isn’t Nokia touch light. That is all this China mobile that has Bluetooth. And that airpod isn’t Original. It’s also clone and you can easily connect it with Bluetooth

@global_dfrannks; Them de use Nokia torch for AirPods

@Ghenedinho; No be small Nokia bdat, those phones get Bluetooth

@global_dfrannks; Lol see how she will waste almost 3k airtime

@Ghenedinho; LMAO. Na investment nau…I don use Google before and was caught, people started calling me “Google”

@delak2k; Why the video and why is it on the internet? Students filming lecturers for being too stern and lecturers filming students for malpractice shouldn’t be on social media.

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