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Nigerian lady receives N2.5 million after accepting her man’s proposal (Video)



It is not often that one gets rewarded for choosing to accept a marriage proposal, although it is a rarity, there are people who are lucky to experience it and such is the case of a Nigerian lady.

The woman, a skincare specialist identified on Instagram as @swiss_scarlet was recently gifted N2.5 million by her man for saying “YES” to his proposal.

Scarlet shared a video of the surprise proposal on her Instagram page and it has since gone viral.

In the video, the waiters brought a dessert plate with a secretly written question; “Will you marry me?” alongside a cake slice and the engagement ring.

Initially, she was indifferent about the covered plate but her boyfriend insisted that she opens the plate and her reaction after seeing the question was priceless.

An excited Scarlet accepted his proposal without hesitation, unknown to her, however, her man had something else planned for her.

While she was still admiring her ring, the waiters brought an envelope containing N2.5 million and presented it to the her.

According to her man, the money is her reward for standing by him when he had nothing and for saying YES to his proposal.

Watch the video:

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