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Nigerian lady narrates how she passed through canal after her abusive boyfriend chased her out by 12 midnight



A lady simply known as Titilayo has shared the heartbreaking and disturbing experience she had with her ex that made her to leave the relationship.

She said that on a random day while in her man’s house, he saw her laughing at a text on her phone, and smashed it.

As if that was not enough, he then physically abused her and threw a pressing iron at her then sent her out by 12am.

Being that it was an estate and the gates were locked so she had to pass through a canal.

Titilayo shared herstory in response to a request from a journalist who said he s writing a report on the moment ladies realized they needed to leave a relationship.

She wrote; “Saw me laughing at a text on my phone and grabbed the phone from me then proceeded to hitting me& he later threw pressing iron on me& sent me out of his house around 12am, couldn’t get out through the estate gate cuz the securities were not there and I had to pass through a canal.”

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