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Nigerian lady narrates how a rich admirer saw her trekking and mocked her for rejecting his advances



A Nigerian lady, Funmi Kolz, has narrated how a rich man who indicated interest in her several times mocked her for rejecting his advances.

According to Funmi, she went out one day and because she got tired, decided to buy a snack and drink then sat down to eat it. However, unknown to her, the man drove by and saw her eating by the road side.

Later that day, he sent a message to her and made a jest of her for refusing to accept his love advances.

She said that he told her if she had agreed, by now she would be driving her own car or would have been in an Uber rather than trekking and staying on the street to eat.

Taking to Twitter, Funmi wrote;

”This guy was asking me out then, dude was always flaunting money on my face. It’s a total turn off for me so I told him NO. one day I went to Iyana paja, I was so tired then I bought Bigi Chapman and Rite sausage on the road. I was so hungry that I finished everything there.

”Later that day this guy sent a message saying “I saw you today drinking Bigi on the road, only if you had said yes to me, you won’t be on the streets eating and trekking. You will be in your own car or uber” It pained me ehn

”He couldn’t even say “hello” when he saw me but could send a message to mock me”

See her tweets:

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